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The Lord Speaks!

           At the turn of the century, as Ptr. Arnold B. Requierro was about to conclude his ministry-related trip to the United States, Rev. Wally Magdangal asked him to pass-by them on his way back to the Philippines. While staying with them at Sacramento, California, the Lord speaks to him during his morning devotion on January 11, 2001 through His Word in Jeremiah 23:3-4 saying, “I Myself will gather the remnant of My flock out of all the countries where I have driven them and will bring them back to their pasture, where they will be fruitful and increase in number. I will place shepherds over them who will tend them, and they will no longer be afraid or terrified, nor will any be missing,” declares the Lord.

            These words were just treasured by Ptr. Arnold in his heart until the Holy Spirit speaks to him again on September 19, 2001 while he was doing his regular morning devotion. This time, it was an extra-ordinary feeling that he got from this encounter with the Holy Spirit because he felt the burden of the Lord over the shepherds who were not doing His will. Thus, after praying and contemplating about this occurrence, he filed an irrevocable resignation from the Church where he was the Chairman of the Board of Pastors on November 06, 2001, to set himself free for whatever things the Lord may want him to do.

The Lord Calls for Obedience!

Sis. Lita, the wife of Ptr. Arnold, was very hesitant to leave the Church that cost her husband so much, including his job in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. And as she was having this thought, the Lord spoke to her while she was riding in a jeepney going to the Church at Fairview, Quezon City where her husband was holding an office, saying, “Magpakatatag ka at tibayan mo ang iyong loob. Huwag kang matakot o mawawalan ng pag-asa. Ako, si Yahweh and iyong Diyos, ay sasaiyo saan ka man pumunta.” After finding these words in the Bible in Joshua 1:9, she was composed and wholeheartedly agreed to the plan of Ptr. Arnold to leave the Church in obedience to the Lord who assured her of His ever-presence wherever she goes. 

            With this Word of assurance from the Lord, Ptr. Arnold immediately started sharing his conviction with his classmates at Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries (ASCM) where he was pursuing his Bachelor degree in Theology. The Lord used this time in touching the heart of Ptr. Sam C. Bontilao, one of his classmates since 1999. He immediately felt the burden and signified his willingness to join the work if the Lord confirms it. The Lord did not fail him because after three days the Lord speaks to him, using exactly the same Scripture that Sis. Lita received, Joshua 1:9, (only in English version). In obedience to the Word he heard from the Lord, Ptr. Sam seek release from his Senior Pastor right away. And sensing God’s hand in the situation, he released Ptr. Sam reluctantly to the new calling on November 12, 2001. From then on, Ptr. Arnold and Ptr. Sam started praying together for the Lord’s enlightenment and guidance on this new endeavor that He opened before them.

The Lord Ordains The Name Of The Ministry!

The Lord confirms His intention to open a new Ministry for His special purpose by bringing in the people who signified their desire also to join in its establishment. Formalizing the activities, a meeting was called on November 27, 2001 to organize the Board of Trustees that will represent the new Ministry in her dealings with the Government. This meeting resulted in the formation of the first core of leaders of the new Ministry which included Ptr. Arnold B. Requierro as President, Ptr. Sam C. Bontilao as Vice-President, Ptr. Andy U. Sunga Jr. as Secretary, Ptr. Ronie Susarno as member of the Board of Trustees, together with Bros. Bimbo B. Requierro, Emedio Tagaylo and Harold B. Requierro. 


            On December 07, 2001 Ptr. Arnold filed an application for the registration of the new Ministry with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under the name of Christ’s Shepherds Church. But due to the several like-sounding names on files, the Legal Department denied it and suggested instead, Christ’s Shepherds Flock International. But its vagueness prompted Ptr. Arnold to file another name, Christ’s Shepherds and Flock Church, on December 14, 2001. Again the Legal Department of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) denied its approval also. 


            On the day of the second denial, Ptr. Arnold filed again another application for the third time, carrying the name Christ’s Shepherds and Flock Ministry International. It was at this point that he prayed and called upon the Lord’s intervention in front of the verifier, because he sensed her hesitancy to accept the slight alteration only that he made on the disapproved one. She went inside and conferred with someone. After a minute, she came out and exclaimed, “Malakas ka sa itaas, dininig ng Diyos ang iyong panalangin!” With teary eyes, he thanked the Lord Jesus Christ for His unfailing love and faithfulness! And because of the things that transpired, the first core of leaders recognized that it is the Lord Himself who ordains the name of the Ministry.

The Government Sanctions The Establishment Of The Ministry!

            With the approval of the name of the Ministry, the first core of leaders started preparing all the required documents for the legalization of her activities on December 20, 2001. Ptr. Arnold filed all these papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 07, 2002. Four days later, the Government sanctioned the establishment of the Ministry. This approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), marking the legal existence of Christ’s Shepherds and Flock Ministry International (CSAFMI), on January 11, 2002 became the legal foundation of CSAFMI – exactly a year after the Lord has spoken to Ptr. Arnold His Word in Jeremiah 23:3-4 at Sacramento, California, U.S.A.

The Ministry Starts Breaking The Walls Of Insignificance.

Through this approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) along with its inherent privileges to operate the Ministry in the open, the leaders started praying for a place of worship. In a very ordinary way, the Holy Spirit led them to the third floor of the building in Lot # 9, Block 21, Purok # 3, Upper Bicutan, Taguig City. After their spirits confirmed that this was the place that the Lord has initially assigned for them, they immediately started its preparation. Thus, on February 03, 2002, the first Praise and Worship service of Christ’s Shepherds and Flock Ministry International was conducted in this place. 


            Following the enlightenment that the Lord is giving to the leaders, the Ministry established the SHARE Program on January 25, 2002, barely two weeks after her inception. This program spearheads the task of preparing, equipping and reproducing Spirit-filled and faithful servants of God through proper education at recognized Bible Schools and Christian Seminaries. Even before the first batch of the Program beneficiaries could finish their preparation, the Ministry was able to open the second local Church at Masville, Sucat, Paranaque City on September 14, 2003 through their efforts.


            On March 22, 2004, the SHARE Program produced its first graduates in the persons of Ptr. Arnold B. Requierro and Ptr. Resty A. Rito, who both graduated from their Bachelor degree in Theology at Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries (ASCM) in Makati City. And on March 2005, another beneficiary of the SHARE Program, Ptr. Sam C. Bontilao, graduated from his Bachelor degree in Theology also at the same school, ASCM.

            In June 2005, Ptr. Resty A. Rito, was sent-off as the first Regional Overseer of CSAFMI, spearheading the activities of the Ministry in the international arena. Along with his wife, Sis. Jane B. Rito, his initiatives resulted to the opening of the third local Church in Inniskellin, Ireland in August 2006. This event formally brings the activities of CSAFMI opened to the whole world.


            On October 21, 2005, through the efforts of Ptr. Sam C. Bontilao, CSAFMI created her first album titled, “Papuri’t Pagsamba, Todo Na ‘To”. This 

was published on December 06, 2005 and was issued the Certificate of Copyright Registration on December 09, 2005. It was in the market before the year 2005 ended. The second album which is in English is on its final touches and hopefully will be published and marketed in the second quarter of 2008.


            In January 2006, CSAFMI formally opened the Christ’s Shepherds Institute (CSI) to supplement the efforts of the SHARE Program in developing workers for the use of the Lord. CSI is an in-house training for Ministry workers whereby the students in the formal Bible Schools share their knowledge to the enrollees and the leaders of the Church impart to them the practical know-how and basic principles in ministering. Through these souls who willingly desire to serve the Lord, CSAFMI was able to establish the “Ground Breakers Group”Program on October 23, 2006 – a program designed to advance the work of the Lord vigorously in every area that the Lord will lead them. On November 06, 2006, all students enrolled at ASCM and CSI were commissioned as members of the group. Out of their dedications, several places are now being cultivated for the Ministry works. These include: Makati City, Marikina City, Apalit (in Pampanga), and Floridablanca (also in Pampanga).


            To keep the members of the Ministry wholly dependent on the Lord Jesus Christ for their strength as they participate in the work of bringing the Gospel to the very ends of the world, “Christ’s Power Pool” Program was established on July 17, 2006. This program encourages everyone to spend their early hours at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ in the House of Prayer, the dwelling place for His Holy Name, in the hours of 4 – 6 in the morning. Many among the brethren who heeded the call have experienced the fresh touch of the Lord in their lives, bringing them closer to Him through these living experiences.


            Another program was established on April 09, 2007, the “Conquering The World” Program. This program places every leader and member of CSAFMI as a watchman of the Ministry. Each is encouraged to allocate a time daily to pray for the Shepherds, Flock and the Ministry. With this total participation of the Church, we anticipate a spirited breakthrough in every pursuits of the Ministry. 

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