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Ptr. Resty Rito's Story

One day a pastor who handled bible study at our house prophesied and told me that God will call me to be a pastor and he asked me if I am willing to follow and i said "if that is Gods will then i will" but in the back of my mind I thought that it was not going to happen. 


Truly what God has said will always come to pass. I thought I was able to runaway from that calling but without knowing that God started to change my heart and prepare me for the purpose He wanted to my life. 

1997 to early 2000, i served as one of the ushers in the church of "Faith In Jesus" which somehow exposed me to serving God, at the time, I didn't realise that I was heading towards His direction. 

February 2000, my heart and mind was plagued with questions about my existence and purpose of my life. So I asked God what His purpose was and His reason why He had given me a second life. With conviction in my heart I said to the Lord "if i am not walking in accordance with your purpose, it is better for You to take my life so that i will be with You and stop sinning."

My spirit was crying to know Gods purpose in my life; as I read my bible and prayed, the Lord led me to do one week of fasting and so I did.

At the end of my fasting I went to the palace in the sky in Tagaytay, expecting that God will confirm to me His plan through His word. I waited for three hours to hear the word from the Lord concerning His purpose but it seemed  that He doesn't want to communicate that time. 

At around 11 in the morning while walking at the terrace of palace in the sky building I decided to end my fasting with reading of some passages in the bible, when I opened my bible the wind turned the pages of my bible and stoped itself on John 21. 

I was thinking about what God wanted me to know "why did He let the pages stop at this spot?" so i read it until I came across  verses 15 to 17. I stoped and asked God if He was serious about calling me to be a pastor. I told the Lord to look at me, I am not capable of doing that. I am not trained to do that and even I am an introverted person. I reasoned to the Lord and told Him this task is not meant for me. I bowed my head and said I am sorry Lord. 

When I arrived at my boarding house at around three o'clock in the afternoon while standing beside my bed, I was still puzzled with the meaning of the word I read in John 21 i prayed and asked God once again concerning His purpose in my life. It is good the Lord was not annoyed with me for asking the same question over and over again, as I was waiting in silence, I heard a gentle voice telling me that He already answered my prayer and He has called me to be a pastor. 

I was speechless at the voice i heard not knowing that tears where flowing from my eyes. In response to that I told the Lord "okay I will follow you but these are my request, I need to be properly equipped for this ministry, I will resign from my job, lead me to a right bible school for my proper training and equipping and provide my needs as I commit myself to do what you have called me to do." Truly God is serious of His calling to my life. He answered all those requests of mine to tell me that there is no turning back and indeed He is true to His word and I need to honour my promise.

February 2000 I talked to my parents through telephone and told them that I would resign from my job and study in a bible school to do the will of God, and without any hesitation my mother and sister told me they are going to support me financially.

March 2000, a friend of mine recommended me to study in Asian Seminary for Christian Ministry (ASCM) and after complying all the requirements, I was given a reservation slot.

April 2000, I handed my resignation letter to my manager and I praise God because my transmission towards equipping and training was smooth, according to His plan.

My Journey to Christ's Shepherds and Flock Ministry International (CSAFMI)

It was the end of our first semester before the end of September 2003, I started to look for a church to do my practicum for pastoral ministry. I heard that Pastor Arnulfo Requierro, one of my classmates, needed some help in the ministry. Since the church was at the beginning stage, I looked at it as a big opportunity for me to experience pastoral training at the grassroots level. I underwent stage4s of training such as handling Bible Studies, home visitations, lead prayer meetings, water baptism and funeral services.

December 2003, I was assigned to pastor CSAFMI Upper Bicutan church, which turned out to be a great experience. 

January 2004, one of the church members who work in Enniskillen, United Kingdom, came home for her holiday and she was introduced to me not knowing at that time that God already prepared her to be my wife and after one year we got married. We also have a son who is also serving in church.

April 2004, I was able to finish my theology studies and I spent another year as the local pastor of CSAFMI Bicutan,

June 2005, I followed my wife to Enniskillen, United Kingdom to continue the ministry there.

August 2006, CSAFMI became an international church as we were able to conduct our first service in Enniskillen, United Kingdom.

January 11, 2011, I was ordained as pastor of CSAFMI and was elevated to assistant senior pastor.

January 29, 2017, God opened another opportunity for us to extend the ministry to Doha, Qatar. as my wife for her new job there. The ministry in Arab countries is a bit challenging in many aspects, but the God we serve never fails to protect us and bring people who can be of help in the ministry.

This coming July 2022, we are heading back to United Kingdom and if God is willing, we are going to open another CSAFMI local church in Belfast City, Northern Ireland UK. As we continue to obey God, He will write our story to become our history in this ministry, and we all look forward to that one day you will also be part of CSAFMI. God bless you.

I would like to give you a short story about myself. 

I am Pastor Resty Rito Assistant Senior Pastor of Christ's Shepherds And Flock Ministry International. 

I am the 7th among 9 siblings born in the province of Negros Occidental.

1991 at 14 years old, I was hospitalised due to typhoid fever and  complications of hepatitis and my condition deteriorated. The doctor told my parents that I had a 50/50 chance of survival and only God can save my life. In fear of losing me, they turned to God looking for miracle and after two weeks in the hospital I was healed. My parents embraced the word of God and my mother was the first one who become born again in my family. 

1996 on the month of May I personally accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour and my Christian faith started at that moment. 

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